Trail & Sidewalk Master Plan

In response the completion of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan the city undertook a planning effort to complete a Trail and Sidewalk Master Plan (PDF). The plan provides for a more detailed plan that provides guidance for the development of safe and connected facilities for pedestrian and bicyclists. 

Utilizing the high level planning and identification of future trail and sidewalk networks the plan can be used to develop implementation efforts to provide these connections.

Identified in the Plan

The plan identifies the following:

  • Community engagement to seek input on system needs from residents
  • Existing conditions of the network, including identification of issues with pavement condition, width, and clear zones
  • Inventory and analysis of pedestrian and bicycle related accidents within the community
  • Priorities for improvements, and related cost estimates
  • Review of existing network to determine gaps in the sidewalk and trail network, as well as missing connections to destinations