Open to Business Program

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy-they create resilient economies; do better at retaining employees; and invest at higher percentages back into the community. Therefore, supporting these businesses are vital to the health of our community!

The Open to Business program is a free program for current and prospective businesses, and it is open to any business or resident of Watertown. The experienced consultants of the Open to Business program help entrepreneurs access both technical assistance and financing to start their own business or grow an existing business.

Program Services

Open to Business is a one-on-one, confidential program helping entrepreneurs and small business through a variety services including:

  • Access to Capital
    • Acquisition financing for real estate
    • Gap financing for real estate
    • Loans for new and emerging businesses
    • Loans for second stage and growing businesses
    • Loan packaging/facilitation
  • Advising and Technical Assistance
    • Business and strategic planning
    • Financial assessment
    • Marketing and communications planning
    • Regulatory, tax, licensing and accounting training
    • And many others

Further Information

For more information visit the Open to Business website or contact Business Advisor Lee Hall via email, or call at 612-843-3263.