Public Utilities

The City of Watertown takes great pride and effort in providing clean, safe, and quality drinking water and the processing and treatment of sewage for it’s citizens and businesses. A system of 5 wells that tap the glacial drift and the Franocinia/Ironton/Galesville aquifer deep below ground. All of the potable water in the community is treated at the city’s Water Treatment facility, and on average 265,000 gallons are treated and distributed to homes and businesses. Storage is provided by a 300,000 gallon water tower and delivered to taps by over 28 miles of pipes.

The hardness of the potable water systems that is provided by the City is 350mg/l or 17 grains. Consumers can use this data to appropriately program in-home water softener systems.

Questions or concerns regarding water quality, water odor, discolored water, water pressure, or sewage back-ups please call 952-955-2681. 

Public Utilities Staff

Utility Billing

The City of Watertown administers over 1,600 billing accounts for residents. For additional information about setting up new service, billing questions, or to pay bills please visit the Utility Billing page.

  1. Doug Kammerer

    Doug Kammerer

    Public Utilities Superintendent

  2. Kim-1

    Kimberly Block

    Deputy Clerk/Treasurer